Beautiful and healthy hair thanks to vitamins & minerals

The result of vitamins, minerals and the right care 

Beautiful hair looks great and feels good, it is full, glossy and strong. It’s the most attractive accessory we can wear. But stress, hormonal imbalances, harmful substances and the wrong care can clog up your hair. Too few vital substances and minerals also results in deficiency symptoms. When our body is in imbalance, it is reflected in our hair. They become brittle, blunt and thin.

The right kind of care for beautiful hair

Every hair is unique. Every scalp has different requirements. Your shampoo and other hair care products should be matched perfectly to it. The wrong products can result in greasy and lacklustre hair, split ends, dandruff or your hair may even start to fall out.

Use natural products, such as those containing bees wax, aloe vera, coconut oil and precious oils such as yarrow oil, peppermint oil, salvia oil or sandalwood oil.Avoid products containing alcohol because these dry out the hair a lot. You should also avoidsilicones, synthetic fragrances, colouring and preservatives, mineral oils and parabens.

Wash, cut, comb

The more the better? The opposite is true:don't stress your hair and more importantly your scalp by washing it too often and too much grooming. Don't wash your hair every day, but every two or three days. Always comb your hair very carefully and never when it is still wet. Dry your hair a little before detangling it with a wide-toothed comb or brush.Natural hair brushes are particularly gentle.

A good cut makes your hair look better in an instant.It falls better and has more volume. Have your ends cut on a regular basis, say every 12 weeks to say goodbye to thin and split ends.

The stressless way to beautiful hair

Our hair is a mirror of our soul. If you are emotionally out of balance, you may experience problems with your hair and it may even fall out. Are you frequently tired, stressed or overworked? Then take a deep breath and relax. Treat yourself to regular short periods of me-time, read a good book or relax with some gentle sport, such as yoga, Pilates or walking.

Beautiful hair keeps away from heat

Hair doesn’t like the heat. Hot air from hairdryers, washing your hair with hot water or scorching summer sun put a lot of stress on your hair: It dries out, becomes blunt and brittle.Lukewarm water is better for the hair. Set your hairdryer to a cooler setting and protect your hair from excessive sunlight. 

Beautiful hair from the inside

Have you heard that eating almonds helps to make your hair glossy? And dried dates help prevent hair loss and split ends? Yes, it’s true. A balanced diet containing vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables and healthy fats and proteins gives your hair all the important vitamins (A, B, C, E), minerals it needs and the trace element zinc. Eat your way to great hair.


Glossy hair loves biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, promotes beautiful hair. Amongst other things, it is key to the essential metabolic processes in the hair roots. The most important sources of biotin are nuts, rolled oats, eggs, wheat brain, soya beans, lentils and mushrooms.   

If you are not sure whether your diet contains enough biotin or not, or if you want to top up your biotin levels, you can also take our high-dosage biotin combination with zinc and selenium “Biotin+zinc+selenium”. This combination promotes normal hair – as well as normal nails and skin. The vegan tablets can be taken continually for a year and are free from gluten, lactose and other allergens. 

Full hair loves zinc

The trace element zinc activates many enzymes and protects cells from oxidative stress. Your skin, hair, finger nails and bones will thank you for it.

You will find high levels of zinc in pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, linseed, oysters, liver, nuts, Emmental cheese and beef. High-dosage zinc from Vitamaze guarantees the best bioavailability. It’s as pure as can be and is free from gluten, lactose, allergens, nano particles or magnesium stearate – so the body is able to absorb the zinc with great ease. 

Strong hair loves selenium

The trace element selenium is a dream for hair and nails. It also protects the cells from oxidative stress and is also good for the immune system. Selenium-rich foods like fish, nuts, wheat bran, soya beans, eggs and liver and most especially coconut contain an incredible 810 µg/100 g of selenium. 

Selenium from Vitamaze is a high-quality nutritional supplement: vegan, high-dosage and is free from unnecessary additives. It can be taken continually for 6 months.

Beautiful hair takes time

Your hair goes through certain growth cycles. So it can take several weeks or months to see any changes (good or bad) to your hair. Be patient. If you continually follow our tips for beautiful hair, you can look forward to healthy, gloss hair for a long time to come. 


Beard and hair growth for men

What can men do when their hair starts to gradually grey and their beard growth slows down? Unfortunately, there are no effective treatments to counter gaps in your beard or hair caused by genetics, even as you start to go bald with age. But there is some good news:you can encourage hair growth if suffering from many other kinds of hair loss. High-dosage zinc treatments are very effective. Protein-rich foods such as fish and soya beams also promote the growth of hair on your head and chin. 


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Beautiful and healthy hair thanks to...

Beautiful hair looks great and feels good, it is full, glossy and strong. It’s the most... [more]